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"...most of all, I long for a home of my own..."
                 (Anne Frank diary entry, July 23, 1943)

Anne Frank House in Washington, DC honors the iconic figure in Jewish history, who along with millions of others, perished or were made homeless during the Holocaust.

The organization was founded in 1987 as a community service project of the Adas Israel Congregation at the urging of the late Reverend John F. Steinbruck, spiritual leader of DC's Luther Place Memorial Church. A leading voice locally and nationally for the homeless, Reverend Steinbruck inspired the diverse consortium of shelters and services for homeless women and their families in DC now known as N Street Village.

Our first project was a group house for five women with chronic mental illness that Anne Frank House operated for 12 years in a rental property. From 1995-2001, we expanded our program to provide permanent supportive housing for single homeless men and women with chronic mental illness by purchasing four condominium efficiency apartments in DC’s Ward 3.

In the face of soaring condominium prices, Anne Frank House shifted its strategy in 2004 to leasing apartments in Wards 3 and 4 to serve additional clients. With the help of donations from the community, a foundation grant, loans and a privately held mortgage, we were again able to purchase two condominiums in 2011-2012.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, Anne Frank House has once again purchased an apartment in 2015. We now own seven units and lease five more, providing housing to 12 formerly homeless men and women.