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With about 1,800 chronically homeless men and women living in our streets, alleys and parks on any given day – and 11,000 more experiencing homelessness over the course of the year – Washington, DC has one of the largest homeless populations of cities its size in the United States. Helping chronically homeless men and women who are single and have mental health disabilities – the most vulnerable people among those who are homeless – is a local and national priority.

“Permanent supportive housing” is widely recognized as the most successful and cost-effective strategy for ending chronic homelessness. In Washington, DC, it’s called “Housing First.” Anne Frank House has employed this approach successfully for more than 20 years—providing permanent housing and social services support for homeless men and women with chronic mental illness. To learn more, watch The Way Home: Ending Chronic Homelessness in DC or look at the AFH brochure.

Anne Frank House is an independent, nonprofit (501)(c)(3) organization affiliated with the Adas Israel Congregation of Washington, DC. Your donations to Anne Frank House are tax-deductible and help cover the costs of housing and social services support for our clients. Our clients pay a nominal portion of the cost of their housing, which promotes a sense of partnership and independence.