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 Anne Frank House has developed an efficient, low-cost model for providing long term supportive housing – without government grants and with low client turnover.  
We measure success by clients receiving needed support services and remaining mentally stable and self-reliant while living in the community.

How We Have Achieved Our Success

  • Slow and steady growth. By growing gradually and serving a small number of clients within our capacity and resources.

  • Effective volunteer board. By recruiting board members with a passion for ending homelessness and expertise in real estate, social services and nonprofit management.

  • Strong partnerships. By building cooperative working relationships with social service providers such as Friendship Place.

  • Property acquisition. By acquiring condominiums and leasing rental properties within our budget.

  • Fundraising. By consistently raising a significant portion of our operating budget from individual donors, foundations and corporate supporters.

  • Community education. By building community awareness about homelessness and raising funds through mini-walks and presentations to area schools, including the Adas Israel Religious School and the Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital.